I’ve been interested in nature and evolution for as long as I can remember, and have come across a lot of information I’d like to be able to reference in the future. So I’m building this site as a repository for links and photos I like, and perhaps for an occasional essay or rant. This content isn’t all about nature, or nurture, or even the vibrant ecotone between the two, although I am intrigued by the nature-nurture discussion. But it is all stuff I happen to find fascinating … and “nature-nurture” comes close enough to encompassing it.

My particular interests include anthropology, botany, brain science, conservation, ecology, ecopsychology, education, emotional intelligence, endangered species, environmental studies, ethnobotany, ethology, evolutionary biology (lots of “E” words), flora and fauna, fractals, intelligence in nature, intention, interspecies communication, morality, nanotechnology, permaculture, personality types, philosophy, pi, plant propagation, raptors, religious beliefs, sexuality, shamanism, and taxidermy (not necessarily in that order). Please feel free to send an email if you come across photos, links, or articles that fit. Thanks!

And in the meantime, join me in celebrating evolution: what we are, how we are, who we are … and what we’re becoming together.

Celebrate Every Day!

Laurie McAndish King

P.S. My other interests include writing (creative nonfiction), travel, and marketing. Here are some of my other websites:

  • Travel Writers News: a site listing editorial opportunities, calls for submissions, classes, travel-related websites, readings by travel writers, and news about local (San Francisco Bay Area) travel writers’ current projects.
  • Laurie McAndish King: a site featuring my award-winning travel writing and photography.
  • Laurie King: my resume website — I pay the bills doing marketing consulting and project management, and darnit, marketing has just gotten into my blood.
  • Destination Insights: a site with occasional podcasts I’ve hosted featuring world-class study leaders, exceptional athletes, and award-winning travel writers discussing the international destinations that fuel their passions.

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Suzie Rodriguez May 25, 2010 at 7:36 am

Hi, Laurie:

I just discovered this site — hadn’t known about it. I’m in the midst of watching a documentary called The Botany of Desire, put together by Michael Pollard. It’s pretty damn amazing evolutionary-wise. I highly recommend that you check it out. Perfect for this site. His thesis is that we tend to think in terms of how WE use plants; but if you turn the idea around, plants also use US. He presents four plants and each gets about a 1/2 hour treatise to prove his point. I watch 1/2 hour each morning before setting out on my walk – nice way to start the day. So far it’s been apples and today it was tulips. Fascinating!

Cheers, Suzie

Laurie McAndish King June 4, 2010 at 8:38 am

Hi Suzie,
I love that concept: that plants have their way with humans. That whup-up-side-o’-the-head thinking is so invigorating! Enjoyed the book; didn’t realize there was a documentary; will have to check it out! Thanks for your note.

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