Scientific Feng Shui and your Bed

by Laurie McAndish King on July 8, 2010

A Scientific American article, “Left-sided Cancer: Blame your bed and TV?,” suggests that “as we sleep on our coil-spring mattresses, we are in effect sleeping on an antenna that amplifies the intensity of the broadcast FM/TV radiation. Asleep on these antennas, our bodies are exposed to the amplified electromagnetic radiation for a third of our life spans.” The long-term effect of such exposure to radiation may be increased susceptibility to breast cancer and prostate cancer.

R. Douglas Fields, Ph.D.

R. Douglas Fields, Ph.D.

Author R. Douglas Fields, Ph. D. is the Chief of the Nervous System Development and Plasticity Section at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. Fields, who conducted postdoctoral research at Stanford University, Yale University, and the NIH, is Editor-in-Chief of the journal Neuron Glia Biology and member of the editorial board of several other journals in the field of neuroscience.

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